Rush job for Design Agency

We received a call from a distraught potential customer at around 10 am this morning. It turned out we were dealing with a Design Agency who had received an incredibly late sign off on an artwork by their customer and needed a Digital print job turned around the same day.

The agency needed 200 A5 Flyers printed double sided and delivered to their customer by 4 o’clock.
Firstly before we started making promises to the potential customer the first thing we did was check our Digital press capacity. Being a Friday our Digital press was fully booked out for the day schedule wise but it was spotted that a few of the jobs that were due to go on were slightly less time critical.

After moving some jobs around we managed to create the press time needed to be able to turn the job around in the customers tight time frame.
Now we knew the job could be produced we took to estimating a price for the customer. Knowing they already have enough stress on from receiving such a late sign off we made sure we went back to them with the good news of being able to produce it in time for them and also a very competitive quote.

The customer was incredibly pleased with both the news of being able to provide the materials for their customer and time and very impressed with the price that we could do it for, especially as it was such late notice.

We had the materials delivered to the Design Agencies customer a mere 4 hours later, the Design Agencies customer was pleased with print quality and over the moon at the fact they could get what turned out to be a product launch invite flyer out on time.

Needless to say, we have now got ourselves firmly on the Design Agencies print supplier list and they confirmed they will definitely be using us again.

Good Job, done!