The Great 1 million 6 day Challenge

Hayloft Plants in conjunction with The Telegraph Newspaper Design and Printing of 1,032,000 A5 4-page promotional leaflets and distribution all in 6 days. Done.

Hayloft Plants started off life as a dream from a kitchen table by one determined and focused lady back in 1993. The dream was to supply rare, unusual and exciting plants to people but in a way that people left like they’d been received from a loved one, the attention to detail and how the flowers were sent out was a key part of the operation. Skipping forward to the present day Hayloft Plants is now an organisation that can be found at a plethora of plant shows throughout the year and also hold contracts with the likes of The Telegraph, The Mail and The Express newspapers for supplying flowers to their readers. Not bad for a business that started of with a women packing flowers on her home. CBF have been supplying design, print and mailing solutions to Hayloft for years and we love their ideas.  Having such a close working relationship gives us an insight into their world, what trends need to be promoted, the demands of their publishing business partners and an understanding of their seasonal changes to ensure they are at the forefront of the floral and plant industries.

The Work:

Hayloft requires a large number of design and print quantities due to external publishing contract commitments.  Building up our relationship over the years with CBF, they joke that they place the “impossible design and print jobs” with CBF that no one else will take on. This is down to our ability to create artwork from brief, project manage and deliver no matter the deadline. Using our online project management tools all marketing collateral and proofing processes are achieved on the fly and we are all aware of communications from both sides to ensure delivery or all projects without confusion. Using our 30+ years of print knowledge, CBF understands how to balance the print quality vs competitive pricing to ensure our customers including Hayloft have work delivered to fit their budgets but still represents their brand standards.
On this particular print run it definitely came under the “impossible print job” category. Hayloft contacted us with head in hands saying they had just been contacted by The Telegraph newspaper saying they wanted Hayloft to run an offer in one of their Saturday and Sunday papers.  CBF, tasked with the design and print of a million A5 promotional leaflets in just 6 working days. As always we stepped up, our design team on the artwork straight away, securing the print production schedules to ensure we could have the finalised print to The Telegraph’s distributors on time.

The Verdict:

With a lot of hard work and coordinated effort from both client and CBF, we got the A5 4-page promotional leaflet printed designed, signed off and 1,032,000 copies printed and delivered on time and to budget.


“Yet again you have come through for us. The design and print look great. We look forward to working with you again” Without appropriate workflow tools and experience, we are able to put to good work.  This job would have missed its tight deadlines and we would have let the client down.  Internally we also managed to keep all other work moving forward with our every growing design capacity.  Thank you Hayloft.  We love your work!   ]]>