At CBF we find that each individual client and their jobs require their own, individual requirements. So, we listen to you to find out what is required.  Whether it may be assembling a cosmetics pack or kit building, we go to the effort of doing that for you, to provide excellent customer service. Especially for the Christmas period.

You may be asking yourself “Where do their limits end?”, but there are no limits to our work. We are willing to manually picking and packing to enclosing items into envelopes for mailing. We’ll even pack pet toys or cosmetics for Christmas packs to affixing product, which can be boxed and distributed on wards.

Whatever you have, we can pack it for you.

Consider us as an extension of your process. WE have the ability to take orders from whatever source, website, database or spreadsheet and process it efficiently and successfully, getting it out the doors and to your customers.

We will always value your time and your business and make sure that we keep to your expected timeline for delivery. We will work around the clock to make sure that we distribute your good as quickly as possible. Especially if there is a hurry.