What goes on elsewhere?

Not many of you know it, but CBF isn’t the only place that exists here at 1 Alvin Street. We also work alongside the No1 Business Centre.

The No1 Business Centre offers a plethora of useful services that you might like to try. One, in particular, is Virtual Offices.

Often, being an entrepreneurial, independent businessman or woman means your office work is based at home. However, it can often lead to a slight snobbery from potential clients, not having a snazzy office to work from. With virtual offices, you are able to register with us and use our address and our offices as a place of residence to put on a front for your business. With our virtual offices, we don’t just offer a place to hold a meeting, we offer bookkeeping services, post forwarding and scanning services, co-working and palette/paperwork storage.

We’ll do all the hard work for you to make your life a breeze, or as easy can it can be.

There are many benefits of virtual offices. Creating a good first impression to clients and being able to keep your home address private is some examples of the benefits it gives. You are able to fabricate the illusion that you work in highly reputable place. Amongst that, you are able to protect the things that are valuable to you by having your own office that is separate to your home. Do you really want strangers to know where you live? If the answer is no, you should be considering a virtual office right now.

Did we mention that we’ve one of the cheapest rates going in the country? Why exert yourself by over paying for these services, when we’ve got everything you need for a fantastic price. For example, our annual set up cost is only ¬£45. Where as most businesses charge this amount monthly.

That’s really a good deal for your money, so why not consider it? What’s stopping you?

Click here to read more on virtual offices in detail and maybe it’ll convince you to enquire.