There’s often a taint on small businesses, especially as they’re starting out.

People often relate success and experience with the size of a business. The bigger it is the more success it has, right? Not necessarily.

Simply because you are a small business, doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of greater things. Small business owners, more often than not, believe that because you are small and lack a large office building or a surplus of employees that you aren’t professional enough, that you can’t be more just because you’re small. Here are some ways to break that idea and give the illusion of having a bigger company.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a small business. Most have a large customer base and are considered to be dependable. But, here are some ways to break that idea and give the illusion of having a bigger company from different standpoints.


One way to give the appearance of a larger company is to have a Virtual Office. This is an excellent practice because it enables you to keep your office based at home, yet have a location that is more professional elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with working from home at all, especially if it saves you money,  but having a virtual office is incredibly useful when you’ve an important meeting to attend and need to make a good first impression. Having a meeting based in your own home isn’t considered to be professional and you appear very unbusinesslike.

Virtual Office locations are also very useful in terms of convenience. Both you and the other party can meet in a very central location without exerting yourself too much travelling.


Additionally, it’s important to have a domain specific email address. Websites say a lot about a company and despite having a domain name to coincide with their brand, often entrepreneurs still use a generic outlook or Gmail address. This gives you the appearance of being unprofessional and lazy. Besides this, you are able to segment work and private emails, so no accidental emails meant for your other half sent to a business partner. So, save yourself the embarrassment and purchase a personal domain for your business.


Meanwhile, it is also a good thing to have professional branding. By investing in good branding, particularly for online presence, it means having a good logo, banners, images. This gives anyone on the outside an illusion that you are good at what you do, that you are established. It’s important to invest in physical copies of branding too, like business cards, letterheads and stationery. By having all these things to hand out and offer people, you’re able to get your voice out there and be heard.


It’s always a good thing to build up your social media following. The more presence you have online the better. The first thing anyone does before they decide to invest in your service is how you’re doing on social media. If you have a small following, they may be sceptical, but if your influence is strong and you’ve a plethora of people behind you, you will seem larger than you really are.

Although building a social media following isn’t the easiest thing in the world, there are techniques and tactics that can help you along the way, like networking. But remain consistent in your posts, otherwise, it will reduce your chances of being successful in this field.

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