CBF isn’t the only existing business we have. We also have the No1 Business Centre.

The No1 is the home for entrepreneurs and we provide all sorts of services from virtual offices to rental spaces and co-working. We hold events, one including our weekly Laptop Friday event that allows entrepreneurs that run their business from home, to get out of their dull home environment once a week and socialise with like minded individuals like themselves.

With our co working spaces, you can pre book a room and decide how many hours to want to book it for. Coworking is excellent for building a community and building a report with other business owners, so give it a chance. If you’d like to try before you buy, Laptop Friday is a great thing test the water’s with, to see if you like the vibe of it all. Afterall, It’s free from 9:30-11:30, every Friday, so you wouldn’t be wasting your money if it wasn’t your cup of tea!

And did we care to mention that there’s free WiFi and unlimited Teas and Coffees? Who could turn that down?

We’ve a friendly office environment and anyone is welcome if they wish to come; no one is turned away at our doors.

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