Brand Standard Online Controls

Brand Standard Online Controls Looking for an online print management tool to manage your staff or customers with your brand standards on all print and promotional materials? No problem.  Our OPC print management tools enable all users to see items online that you control what print and promotional items are personalised and in what way.  With two design tools your items can be fully customised on-the-fly by each user or restricted by a simple text box to render the artwork to the specific rules of your artwork and brand.  This will maintain colours, fonts and imagery so that any user is safe to order.  As a fail safe we can set an approval process for you so that once ordered a ‘manager’ can inspect the artwork and approve the order. Our online design tools can restrict all:

    • Font Sizes
    • Font Types
    • Brand Colours
    • Specific Images on each Item & Category
    • Text/Character limits and restrictions
    • Preset text options
    • User data pre-loading i.e. Names, addresses etc.
    • Mailing database merging
Controlling your brand for all franchisees, resellers and staff can be a nightmare for a marketing department.  With our online print management tools we can control the ordering and personalising process which eliminates all artworking costs and controls your brand in the public domain without fear of it being defaced or changed without prior consent.  Print management tools come with all kinds of restrictions normally.  Ours however refreshingly have:
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Items
    • Free Artwork customisations
    • Budget Restrictions
    • Artwork Approval Processes
Tell us how you work.  We would love to hear from you.  Remember all our print management tools are free to use.  Without your success we do not have any so let’s be successful together. Want to know more about our Brand Standard Controls? Why not pick up the phone today to arrange a software and process demo or fill in one of our enquiry forms.  ]]>

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