Tips every Graphic Designer should know.

White space is your friend. Every Graphic Designer should know that white space is your friend. The term ‘Negative Space’ is used when there is an absence of colour to a design. But negative space isn’t always a bad thing. When someone has found your website and landed on it, it can often be overwhelming. White space enables the user of your website to process the information a lot better than if it was chock-a-block with colour and text. Of course, you’re mean to have an aesthetically pleasing design, but that isn’t the main thing to focus on. By having a simplistic design with white space, you’re allowing the user to easily navigate and find what they’re looking for. White space has been known to improve comprehension by 20% according to Witchita State University. It’s also been proven that shapes in close proximity to one another are considered to be one unit and white space enables you to break the images up a lot better.  

Learn your colour families.
It’s important to understand colours and their families. There’s a certain psychology behind them and what impact they have on how people perceive things. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow can evoke a sense of excitement, passion and energy. Whereas cold colours like blue, green, purple, can have a different effect. Evoking a sense of dominance, reliability and tranquillity depending on what shade or tone you use. And neutrals, like black, grey, brown, and beige tones have connections with cleanliness and luxury. This emotional reaction to your colour schemes on your website ensures you higher chances of users moving onward in the process of purchasing something from you.  
Create a design not just for desktops/laptops.
Most users now own a smart phone or a tablet, so adapting your site for these devices is key. Searching for things on the internet doesn’t just exist on laptops and desktops anymore. Accessing the internet on the go is massively popular nowadays and if your website isn’t altered to suit the design of a smart phone or tablet, you could be losing out big time. You need to have a version of your website that is simplistic and easy to navigate; that fits the dimensions of a phone screen/ tablet. No one wants to be zooming in every time the page loads, it’s extra effort that users aren’t willing to do. They want something easy. Make their information loads easily and quickly and present it in a form that’s easy to comprehend. Make their information loads easily and quickly and present it in a form that’s easy to comprehend. If your design isn’t something that includes all of this, whoever’s using your site won’t hesitate to leave your page immediately and find something else.  
No longer are the days where people will scroll to find what they want. If you don’t have what a user is looking for immediately from the get go, they will immediately look elsewhere. You need to give them something to catch their attention in an instant. It’s said that it takes 8 seconds to grab an individuals attention before they move on, so this is a vital thing to do. Have something of worth that makes them go to you landing page gives them a reason to stay longer and give you that all important click through rate.  ]]>