Norad Travel Group – Case Study.

Norad Travel Group – Case Study. Job: 15,000 unit Print and Door to Door distribution Customers needs: Norad Travel Group contacted us as they have a new branch of their group recently opened in Gloucester. Being a new store they wanted to do something to get their name and brand out locally to start increasing inquiries and foot traffic to their store. They already had the idea in place of doing a door to door drop around some of the local areas of Gloucester. Working on this idea with the customer we worked through the following questions. What times scales are we working to? It turned out the leaflets were time critical as the call to action on them was an offer that would be ending mid September 2017. This now gave us a timeline to work to. Where should the leaflets be going out to maximise response? Liaising between the customer and a local door to door distribution company that we collaborate with we discovered the key areas and demographic we would need to be dropping the leaflets to. The customer was looking for retired couples, elder families and mature couples with above average income. Using this information we found 4 key areas that we felt ticked a lot of the boxes. How should the leaflet look? Now we had the timelines and distribution side covered it was now time to think about what kind of material they should be putting out. Initially the customer wanted to put out a A3 folded to A4 leaflet. From our experience we gave our customer the feedback that we felt that for what was going to be a fairly thin printed item being A4 by the time it had been hand delivered through some peoples letterboxes the leaflets could be looking fairly crumpled and torn. Not exactly the impression they would want to be portraying to the potential new customers. We discussed and agree on either a A4 folded to A5 or an A5 6 page leaflet depending on the amount of content. The customer worked the design and happily settled for the A4 folded to A5 option. How the job progressed? From receiving the print ready files from the customer we managed to produce the 15,000 leaflets in 4 working days. The following day to the leaflets being produced they were collected by the door to door distribution and were starting to go out around Gloucester within 24 hours. Initial customer response. Based on the feedback from the initial leaflet print and door to door distribution the customer decided to do similar drops every three months.]]>