Fulfilment Achievements.

Blossom and Root: “At Blossom & Root, we work in partnership with CBF Fulfilment to deliver our products to customers from across the EU. CBF Fulfilment provides an outstanding service, always responsive and of the highest standards that more than surpasses our needs as a business and the expectations of our customers. Feedback from our customers always mentions the speed of delivery as being exceptional and in these challenging economic times, we are sure that CBF’s service provides us with an edge in the marketplace.

Don’t read too much into the negative comments posted here. As is true in any sphere of business, sometimes things go wrong. But we know that if an issue arose with our business, we could rely on CBF Fulfilment to rectify the situation quickly and most importantly to the satisfaction of our customers. We know that through our partnership with CBF Fulfilment Blossom & Root will continue to grow, thrive and prosper and our customers will be delighted.” Angela Brown: “I moved my outsourcing to CBF almost a year ago now and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I made. From the first conversation I had as a potential client, I felt confident I would be in safe hands. Steve’s knowledge and experience in the field shone through straight away and has been a huge help to me ever since. I have also experienced great service from the printing side of things when I’ve needed labels etc printing. I love that it’s all under one roof and the standards are kept up throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending CBF. Angela Brown” Eves & Gray: “Without a doubt the best company I have ever used. It is so rare to get such service from any company nowadays. If you’d like a personal discussion to discuss CBF please do call me 07950 694 074 – I am the owner of Eves&Gray and would be happy to answer any questions. Steve and the team are faultless. 5 Stars all the way!”
When in Rome: “My business, When in Rome, has used CBF since launch for the storage and distribution of our range of wines. From their advanced, high availability order management system through to attention to detail and pro-active customer service, they have played an essential role in When in Rome’s rapid growth. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.” John James: “I have been using CBF for 18 months as a fulfilment provider for my business. Their service is second-to-none and a special mention must be made for Steve, who provides a fantastic client experience. Could not recommend these guys enough for businesses looking for fulfilment providers” Here at CBF Fulfilment, we are grateful for every review we receive, even the bad ones, so we know where out processes are going successfully and where we need to improve. It’s important to]]>