Why outsource your printing to CBF?

You may not know this but printing is in the top five spends of most businesses throughout the U.K. With that in mind, do you know how efficiently you buy your printing? Have you looked at the ordering processes throughout our business? Such as: Printing cost savings In-house production/storage Managed outsourcing supply chains Multiple site and order point management Brand and material controls Full online ordering facilities with free personalisation  Easy print approval processes Many multiple sites, multiple department businesses rely on procurement either through a project manager or an internal procurement department, which although gets the job sorted, will not take advantage of your centralised print buying power. The finance isn’t the always the most important factor when outsourcing your print materials, as you need to consider the ordering and reporting processes. Many print management companies will have to outsource all your materials to suppliers that they will have very little control over.  We have our own production equipment, so in most cases we control our own overheads making sure you are not paying above the odds for your goods. At CBF we have an established and monitored suppliers list of over 400 companies that work through our Supplier Management Programme.  This ensures that your print outsourcing comes from established sources and the products they produce will be as you expect them to be. As these outsourcing relationships have been in practice for years we have a better buying power than the businesses we are buying for. Your ordering processes are vital to smooth daily print ordering and artwork management.  We understand that you need to protect your brand colours and standards so that all ordering points are able to produce the materials you want them to with the right approval procedures and budgetary restrictions.  Most online ordering facilities give you the ability to personalise materials to add the image or wording required to highlight an offering or location. But have you thought about the users and their experience? Our tools give multiple personalisation methods to give each item the restrictions you want them to, including a single text box for single line words to a free form white art board that gives the user full creativity on their printing. We haven’t been around since 1986 and managed to maintain some of our customers for over 20 years for no reason.  We pride ourselves on building relationships with all customers no matter how big or small.  Our service is secondary to your business and we make sure it just works! What happens when a job goes wrong? Print and print outsourcing can sometimes be fraught and if the job is not communicated correctly right from the start then there will always be issues.  With our ISO 9000 trading standards you can rest assured that we monitor all print jobs in our system and we are all able to know the stage each job is at at the click of a button. Outsourcing your print needn’t be a headache.  Keep it simple and remember communication is key to a pain free printing life. In CBF you can trust.    ]]>