Most of you reading this will hopefully take away our passion for our industry sector our drive towards using technology to automate printing processes and make sure that the print we manage gets produced with ease, shipped out on time and arrives in the right hands when it’s needed by.

We win our work through our huge arsenal of online tools and personality we can help inject into your business to help you print and fulfil all orders without any headaches.

We have been running CBF the same way since 1986 and through that time technology has changed for our and your greater good. Originally looking after the print for the defence and aerospace sectors we were tasked daily with jobs to produce for all corners of the globe but without access to the internet or the speed of digital printing processes. Today’s CBF is a hybrid of online automated workflow and manual handling processes.

Our offerings cannot be beaten for speed and time efficiency so we never want to be the biggest as we will never be as lean or as quick to react as you want us to be. This makes us cheaper than the market average but our tools are the best on the market and most of them are free to access and use.

We have always taken the guise that without your success we don’t have any so with all the skills in house to help your business manage it’s print, mailing and fulfilment we are able to eliminate all the usual management fees, licensing fees and restrictions that other print management and fulfilment companies are bound too.

In fact we are so confident that our services cannot be beaten that we challenge you to find better!

We love a challenge so bring it on.