The best 8 ways to use our print management portals – How Lucky.

The best 8 ways to use our print management portals – How Lucky. As a growing trend we notice our free print management tools being used for daily and one off uses. As you know our workflow for both print and fulfilment processing is there to seamlessly plug into your latest national marketing campaign, or to a daily working process to manage orders from your e-commerce website so here are some of the ways we have seen over the last few months to give you some ideas on how else we can help: 1. Marketing Support Toolkit – for all national print and item roll outs why not use our tools to get your staff or clients to sign up and purchase goods or services from you daily, weekly or on a one off basis. 2. Site print ordering – Do you have multiple sites or people working in the field? They can all sign into our print portals to order materials, each one can be approved by head office and budgetary restrictions can be put in place. Business cards, posters, booklets and pads to teddy bears, payslips and cosmetics. You name it, our online portals can manage it. 3. Digital downloads – Looking for a tool to house all your instruction manuals, documents or even to personalise artwork online. We have it. All you items can be catalogued and downloaded with or without approval. 4. Franchise management – No matter where your sites or franchisees are, our online tools can help you manage their daily working print, all stationery and marketing materials. Not only can your users personalise artwork with the restrictions to manage your brand but we can store and fulfil items to help your trade all in one place. 5. Direct mail producer – Want your remote sites or users to be able to upload their spreadsheet data to send out mailings to multiple people? We have the tools. Our portals can mail merge spreadsheet data so your brand controls can stay in place but your users can upload their own unique data. 6. Save on staff bills – Overheads can kill any business and with our tools your people count can be reduced. Our processes are simple, the technology is not. So no matter how much print, mail or fulfilment you have or need managing we can help with all parts of the process. Design, production, storage and fulfilment. Let’s make you more profitable together. 7. Customer upsell/cross sell tool – each one of your customers is valuable how do you upsell or cross sell to them? Our tools can help you send them a brochure, you could even give them access to ‘your portal’ to let them get promotional gifts, or maybe even order more materials from you. 8. Points of sale management – Our tools can help your sites order and personalise your points of sale, giving them access to set materials at set costs so you can budget correctly. We can produce and store your POS for all users that you want to have access. They can ship them to specific destinations U.K and worldwide. Now it would be obvious to mention that we are not restricted to these ways of using our print management tools and we love a challenge.  So why not give us a call or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we can work some magic together.]]>