Technology Contract Packing

We have been contract packing for years. Your electronic goods are safe with our secure warehousing and sound packing processes we can take all size of goods for Repacking, Collating and distributing to your sales channels.

We’ve seen it all from hard drives, gadgets and computer equipment to the latest wareables, kitchen technology and led light bulbs. In fact we have packed for some of the biggest technology manufacturers and distributors in the world but security is paramount we work under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for over 80% of our technology customers so packing for them regardless of scale is a risk free as we can make it.

We can contract pack your goods for retail, Groupon, Ebay stores, QVC, Ideal World and many online stores so each one of your products can be packed correctly in the right packaging with the right labels and volumes to suit multiple sites UK and internationally.

Need goods printing for applying to your goods? No problem we have in house printing capabilities so all your labels, manuals, marketing materials and stickers can be produced without third parties or you having to procure elsewhere.

We can re box / repack and hand finish all your products for any audience and we work around your time lines so all emergencies can be swiftly sorted.

The biggest question, what’s the cost? Well that’s the beauty. We are in control of our own overheads so we keep our packers efficient and fast which keeps your packing price low. Have you got a project cost for your contract packing? Great! Talk to us about how much per item you need to budget for and we can work around that.

Want to know more about our contract packing for your technological goods? Why not fill in one of our enquiry forms or give us a call. We would love to hear from you