Automating printing processes can be tricky at the best of times but when you factor in secure data your need a printing partner that have the experience and capability to control the workflow and fulfill your statement requirements.

With the latest digital printing presses and a strong I.T team we can make sure all your statements can be seamlessly sent from your servers and queued directly to our presses so we can send your materials as soon as possible.  Data management is key to the process and at CBF we are fully experienced in encrypted VPN’s, FTP and cloud based services.

Coupled with our fulfillment capabilities we can pre-printed a base stock, store them and over print the personalised data for your statements giving you trust in brand standards controls and fast workflows so your statements will be sent out rapidly without compromise and delay.

We produce reports in all frequencies, Daily, Weekly and Monthly normally in Excel, CSV and PDF spreadsheet formats for you to collate and crunch all data you can tell us what information you want and we will build the report.

Is outsourcing your Statement Printing for you?
Well only you can know if internally the processes are becoming strained.  We have been called in to take over from everything including the most efficient of post rooms due to space saving and cost reduction to helping take over from a team of temps trying to keep up with a growing process requirement.  So regardless of industry and volume, the outsourcing and automating of all your statement printing should be considered if your looking to stablise and bolster your business processes. Or your looking to make savings in time and financially we should be talking further.

Need more information? Drop us a line. We love an automating challenge & haven’t found a solution we can’t implement yet.