Printing Automation

Looking at the bigger picture we know we offer a secondary service to support your business function, but an essential one that not only helps make sales, support marketing and keep workflow happening throughout your business.
We automate it all. From someone ordering online specific materials you want them to see, the personalisation of materials on their artwork, we can apply the restrictions on order volumes allowed to order and then communicate the orders through an approval process to your choosing.
What printing can we automate for you:

Communication Letters
Printed promotional / Marketing Materials
Corporate printing materials
Brochure ordering
Sales staff support
Estimates and Quotations
Points of sale
& daily printing for all site branding and management

Since our creation 1986 we have worked with most industries, shapes and sizes all with different requirements to make sure their printing is ordered, processed and produced without headaches and interferences. So many printing processes require human intervention to approve proofs or to manage what external staff are ordering, we have the software and ideas to help you automate as much as possible.

Printing automation as a phrase can mean many things to many people but we do not offer restrictive packages that you have to conform to. All our systems, processes and software are there to help your business run smoothly and make sure  your printing order processing and print materials are in good hands.

Automating the ordering process for your resellers/franchisors/staff through CBF gives you the controls to manage price points, maintain brand standards and manage volumes of orders for budgetary controls. As well as managing the approval process for all printing and materials we are producing for you.

There are no restrictions on the types of items we can process. We fulfil and automate with everything on a daily basis from printed business cards and letterheads to teddy bears and moisturisers. Although we have our own production site that automates printing materials, we also have a managed supplier base of over 450 suppliers who can produce materials that you will save time and money on procuring.

As you may have gathered we can automate pretty much all printing for your business. This coupled with our strong IT knowledge and ISO processes, together we can help your business run smoother. Drop us a call today to find out more.