So, it’s summer time and you’re looking for ways to prepare for your yearly village fete. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to ensure your village fete gets the best publicity and organisation it deserves.

To begin you need to think about flyers and posters to get your village fete on its feet. This is the important bit. Without these two things, you won’t have the leverage you need to get your fete in motion. Here at CBF Print we suggest the best options for posters and flyers is one sided full colour, to get the maximum potential out of advertisement. We suggest you keep the flyers small, around A5 size that is roughly 170gsm silk. Not only does this ensure you prioritise the most important information to put on the flyer, it creates a spectacular finish which will entice more people to your village fete this year.

The next step for you is to consider banners. You want a show stopper, something to catch the attention of fete goers. Flyers and posters are good, but banners are even better. With a large surface space, you can illustrate your design better and more clearly. The recommended finish is hemmed with eyelets so you can hang it. We also recommend PVC as the chosen material, due to its waterproof nature, so if the weather decide to turn bad not everything at your fete is ruined!

Additional printing measures to consider are tickets and paper wrist bands. Where would a village fete be without the iconic raffle? Paper wrist bands are also a very useful way to monitor how many guests you have participating in the fete, enabling them to leave and enter as they please without any hassle. We suggest that you print more of these in case an unexpected amount of attendee’s show up.

These are our CBF Print tips for a successful village fete, any other enquiries feel free to contact us for any help:

E: T: 01452 346833