You’re preparing for the next bunch of university student applicants to come through those doors. What sort of preparation do you need we hear you ask? Hundreds of thousands of students apply to multiple universities each year and a similar amount attend open days.

The vital thing to consider is how are you going to manage that amount of traffic on a university grounds that aren’t a part of the campus? The solution… Tickets and wristbands. Tickets would be supplied to students prior to the event in the post. These tickets could then be used to supply the student with a wrist band in exchange for the ticket. Enabling your campus to manage such a large quantity of students.

Other additional print work we’d recommend for you are flyers. Flyers are useful ways to highlight future events that will take place on university grounds. They are easily slid into a prospectus and are relatively cheap to produce and purchase, especially in large quantities. Which is perfect for handing out to hundreds of thousands of students.

To butter students up we suggest print work for freebies, such as stationery with your university logo on. Other complimentary items can include a printed canvas bag which could have the prospectus, complimentary handouts and flyers in as a pack to hand out to individual students.

Now onto the detailed stuff. Printing prospectuses are the most important part of the university day. Without this vital piece of information students would but unaware of the necessary requirements for their course, what courses are available and the ins and outs of university life.

Individual booklets are also a vital part of the promotional package you will provide students with. Students will be able to see their desired courses in more detail, with an outline of the years curriculum and what is required of them to be able to enter the course as well as opportunities they have during the course and what is available to them to develop further.

Our final recommendation for any university open day is Banners and Signs. These outline which course is where and informs you which stand you are in line for. For the banners, we would suggest going for a PVC material which is hemmed with eyelets to showcase from a height. With the PVC banner, due to its material it means that it will be long lasting and can be used for future university open days to come so investing in one is beneficial and same goes for signage.

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