Print on Demand

So what can you print on demand: Posters Business Cards Letterheads Banners Flyers Newsletters Magazines (Community and Glossy) Direct Mail Brochures In fact any printed item you create and be ordered , sent to any location or held in stock for calling off at a later date. With CBF all these printed items can have static pricing structures and can be restricted to any users you see fit.  These personalised artwork from previous orders can also be re-ordered and opened again for further customisations if needed. What do you need to make these tools work for your business? All our tools are operated through an internet browser so there is no need to download any software.  We would recommend having a person/team inside your organisation to manage any print on demand tools especially if you are looking after multiple sites and budgets etc. What are the benefits of print on demand tools? Our Print on demand tools can completely eliminate all designer costs and can streamline all internal and external communications.  They can also be used for Digital Collateral management and customising artwork for download only.  But primarily they save time from design to print and finally to usage.  The design process for a simple business card can take up to an average of 2 working days for a designer to get approval once the amendments have been made, with CBF’s online tools the user can set their own business card entering name and contact details, these can be approved instantly and sent to print straight away. To find out more about Print on demand give us a call, we would love to hear from you… 01242 237652.]]>