We love to automate print and fulfilment processes at CBF!   We win work not only through the tools and processes, we offer we attract like minded customers that we match personality with. This cannot be an exact science obviously, but it’s so true to say that the best businesses we deal with are the ones we pull in the same direction with and we end up becoming ‘part of the team’.

Yes we offer:

Online print management ordering tools,
Storage facilities,
Direct mailing capabilities,
And goods fulfilment.

But without us trying to understand why you need our services we cannot help you be more efficient in all print management processes with in turn will save you time, money and headaches.

The ‘CBF way’ to manage print, is to use our technology and established processes along side your business model to help you run your business.  Rather than some print management offerings you have to change your processes in order to meet their demands.  We give you access to our production facilities, our online tools and our supplier bases; to give your business the print and fulfilment foundation to keep it off your desk so you can concentrate on your business.

So our daily work revolves around relationships that we build trying to understand your direction and helping your business move forward with our print management processes.  We understand that our work is an extension of your services and although secondary to your main process, without us your clients or staff may not get the items they ordered in the way they ordered them and with the consistency of quality others can only dream of fulfilling.

We talk the print management language of VPN’s, FTP’s, print portals, cross docking, picking & packing and not to forget envelope stuffing, mail merging and polybagging.   If you are looking for a print management partner that doesn’t pigeon hole you with set processes and actually listens to how you want the work processed and cares about your data security then we’re your guys.

Want to know us better? Give us a call or fill I one of our enquiry forms to get the ball rolling.