Print Management Storage

How do you store your print items?  We love a good automation plan no matter if you are looking to store goods for Customer Order Fulfilment, Warehouse Replenishment or for Crossdocking we can help.

The aim of the game is to keep your stock moving so that it does not 1. stagnate or perish and 2. to keep your materials fresh and relevant to its audience. This is fine for marketing roll-outs or promotional offers but storing print for daily process and maintaining the bulk buying cost benefits is a juggle.

Here are some things you need to know about your most popular print and fulfilment items that you order.   If planned correctly:

1. You can save up to 30% per item if you bulk buy and store your materials with CBF, ready to be called off via our print management software.

2. Storing items or goods with CBF is secure and your items will be more efficiently dispatched when needed by your staff or customers.

3. Storage of your items with CBF will save you time and money on your staff processing costs.

4. Quality assurance is paramount and with CBF we check all goods before picking and packing for damage or degradation.  Unlike your store cupboard in the office.

5. Our storage spaces come in pallet spaces but we also have picking and packing lines for breakdowns on multiple item lines if you need them.

6.  Storage charges are worked out by the week or part week. So you are always in control and know what you’re spending.

7. There is more than one way to plan your storage.  Customer Order Fulfilment, Warehouse Replenishment and Crossdocking each has different processes and can save time and money.

8. We are not restricted by rigid processes, each order and item can have its own process to make sure your customers and staff receive what they order and all looking great!

Want to know more about our print management storage? Why not fill in an enquiry form or pick up the phone today to discuss what you are after.