Print management for PR companies

Campaigns, Projects and ongoing PR are the ways of our printed PR world.  We understand words like, tight turnarounds, brand colours and client confidentiality.

With some of the best values adds for any printer in the country we have all the gear and all the ideas to help make your PR campaigns stand out that little bit more and with our skills at automating print projects we can give your customers and users the experience you want for them.

We can print all digital and Litho printing materials in most sizes so all your PR print projects can me managed in one place.  Do not worry if we cannot produce your project in-house we have an supplier base of over 500 businesses internationally that are all part of our Supplier Programme to source and provide you with items to fulfil any size of project.

Also up our sleeve we offer the best print tools for PR agencies nationwide to help manage their print requirements including:

1. Free online print management tools – OPC
2. Free Ebook tools
3. Managed Supply chain procurement
4. Strong IT team for secure data management
5. ISO processes to help ensure job workflow consistency and brand management.

There is nothing we cannot print for your PR agency or your clients its how we execute the work that will make your campaigns sing.  Let’s make print magic happen.

Either drop us a call with your requirements and talk to on of our account managers or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will start the cogs moving together.