Print management artwork management

  • All Items Category Managed
  • Restricted access to users where needed
  • Users can save individual personalised designs 
  • Product Managers can control access to items 
  • Two Design tools for full control of all fonts, images and artwork layouts
  • All our artwork online is stored on our servers securely and kept in a category/subcategory structure.   Each Item and Category can be restricted and only viewable by the users you want them to be either by us or by assigned Product Managers. One of our nice little features that we are proud to share is the ability for all users to save their designs securely giving them access to them whenever they sign in.  This means that all the hard work they put into creating a bespoke piece of artwork does not need to be created again when reordering. You may not want your users to be able have control over the personalised elements of your artwork.  This can be controlled when the item is created by setting the rules for the artwork piece to pull in the personalised data for the user so that they can order the materials without interfering with your brand restrictions. Our design tools can handle all artwork sizes from the smallest of stickers artworks to 60ft banners all can be controlled using both our ‘Basic’ and full design tools.  The Basic artwork designer is generally used for controlling wording and fonts where the user has access to boxes to fill in the text unique to them to personalised the artwork to their needs.  The full designer is a full ‘On the fly’ designer, giving the user access to pull in images, add text, change font sizes, colours, layer materials and create artwork from scratch if you want them to.  Each element on any piece of artwork can be locked down so that the user only manipulates the items you want them too. Want to find out more or see a demo of our print management software (OPC)?  Then we would love to hear from you. Why not drop us a call or fill in one of our enquiry forms.]]>