Using our online OPC tools your stock levels are always visible to you giving you live information to plan and manage efficiently.  Our in-house processes all operate to an ISO 9001 standard so all orders can be tracked and traced from the moment its ordered through the picking/pulling of the product off the shelf in the warehouse to the packing, wrapping and dispatch with the right paperwork eliminating as many errors as possible.

So what do we pick and pack?

  • Single order picking
  • Batched orders
  • National Marketing rollouts to multiple destination
  • Managed daily stock
  • Mail fulfilment rollouts

On a daily basis we manage print materials and distribute nationally and internationally.  We have the ability to collate items together held in stock and pack them according to your needs.

We can work with you to manage your stock levels so we all know when you reach a certain level a restock alert will be sent to you to agree a production run to get more items in stock.

Why use CBF for your Picking & Packing?
As we have all the processes and all the controls to ensure accuracy for your jobs.  We pride ourselves on communicating where needed and driving out costs through efficient processes.

Best of all we try to keep it simple. So you get the job done right first time.

Need a price or some help? Call 01242 237652 or fill out a quick quote and we will do the rest.