Supporting your messages and making sure your newsletter stands out from the rest, CBF can produce your internal and external communications on all ranges of materials. Always good to keep people informed, newsletters are a proven great way to communicate to any audience keeping them up to date with all events and activities, even special offers. How often do you print your newsletters?  If you’re printing weekly, monthly or seasonally we can help you with storage and to save money on bulk buying. Even if you need to communicate when you have news, regardless of timescales, CBF can react to your industry and its demands. Does your newsletter use a template or set format you use to every edition? CBF can help you set your artwork, all you have to do is tell us where it goes. We can produce all newsletters in every volume quantity using our digital and lithographic presses. Regardless of colours CBF can produce black only and full photo quality documents on all types of paper stocks, coated and un-coated. What about personalising each newsletter to the individual reader?  CBF can help you tailor each newsletter giving them the information you want to put in front of them. Individual images and text can both be placed fully customising the message you put in-front of your staff or customer.

Using our in-house fulfilment team we can distribute in individual envelopes to arrive direct on doorsteps or in locations next working day bundled how you need them.