Case 2. Brief:
CBF currently work with this charity to help produce printed materials to promote fundraising events and help maintain brand consistency.
  • Each event is case by case scenario with varying locations
  • Manage artwork setup and printing of materials
  • Distribution to all event coordinators and members involved
  • To cut costs throughout the full printing workflow

Calling on CBF’s experience in all printed materials we were able to identify additional revenue streams through sponsorship of booklets, leaflets and other materials related to the specific event.

We work with event organisers to formulate a list of printed materials to be created with set template advertisement spaces and sponsorship deals to be sold by volunteers and charity staff.

Printing procurement
CBF manage the artwork design and printing production all in-house liaising with sponsors and charity staff to create materials in true branding colours consistently and not giving confusing messages about charity event function and fund raising causes.

Mailing solutions
All printed items are distributed nationwide to volunteers, sponsors and advertisers prior to the event for further distribution..


  • Set event structure for printed materials
  • Cost transparency for all items
  • Additional revenue streams realised
  • Greater control over brand standards