Digital and Litho Printing solutions for your business.
Made easy by CBF.

Being the choice to print, enclose and mail thousands of pieces every day comes with its own responsibility. We take our data security very seriously, our print quality is second to none and our processing speed is up there with some of the biggest in the country but without the price tag.

How do you want to automate your mailing?

Anything is possible. We can print, store, enclose and mail on demand so your business has a proactive approach to its mailing requirements.

With a strong I.T team we can help you extract your data, merge it into the documents you would like to mail and make sure all items hit the post when they are supposed to.

We can enclose all envelopes, magazines, brochures, training materials, instruction guides both using our automated enclosing lines or we can hand enclose those jobs that need a little more care and attention.

Need to know more about our automated mailing solutions?
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One off mail merge, enclose and submit to Royal Mail

Secure Data transfer from your database

Secure Data transfer from your database

Automated data management from your website to fulfil orders

Managed working letters, statements, invoices and cheques

Personalise magazines, brochures, guides for subscriber mailings

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CBF Client Testimonials

I’d like to express our appreciation for your time and support in enabling our publications to grow by offering quality at a very competitive price. Our grateful thanks to you and your team on your professionalism and great customer service.


Thank you very much for all your hard work and help over the last few weeks.
All the materials look fantastic and I now feel ready to go and start winning some clients.
Thank you again.


The business model at CBF is second to none and you know that your orders are going to be completed on time and perfect quality every time. In addition you will receive some invovative services that only Lawson and his team can bring justice too, so call them today.


CBF have always been a wealth of knowledge for all our print and marketing needs. Always pro-active and offering the very best products/services (at very good prices). Their products and services are second to none. I would recommend them to anyone.


We place print jobs on a daily basis and have found CBF to be not only a reliable source of consistent print work but the team there are always pulling out all the stops to achieve our complex print work. I can’t recommend them enough.
They deliver our materials for us all over the country without a hesitaion. We not only use them as a supplier but find that they are an extention of our own marketing team.
Thank you.


Just want to say thank you for another month of great service. It is nice to deal with a company that is so upbeat and positive.
Also thank you for all your hard with getting numerous quotes and looking into ways we could up our circulation without blowing our budgets, increasing our circulation by a thousand is huge for us.
We are looking forward to receiving yet another great looking magazine from you next week and moving on to the next one with you