Mail Sort

Do you send large volumes of mail or run consistent mailing campaigns? If so then you could benefit from sending your mail utilising Royal Mail’s Mailsort options.

How does it work? By doing some of the Royal Mail’s work for them, CBF can reduce your postage by up to 30% on all standard mailings. Using your databases we can bag your mail in order of sorting office ready for distribution into Royal Mail’s working systems. Your post will go directly to the area sorting office that it is destined for and get sent to the recipient as normal. Available in three options, Mailsort 120, 700 and 1400 each give discounts in order of volumes, mail format and the amount of sorting we do. Starting at 2000 letters and 1000 for larger packets minimum per mailing (per postcode area), mail sort can be paid for on account with Royal Mail, talk to CBF to find out how.

Mailsort is available in 1st, 2nd class using Mailsort 1 and 2. Mailsort 3 can offer up to seven day delivery.

CBF can also offer all Walksort mailings for the larger bulk mailings with savings of up to 36% over 4,000 letters per mailing. This is available in two delivery options: Walksort 1 for next working day deliveries and Walksort 2 for delivery within 3 working days.