The magical land of automated mail for your business

The magical land of automated mail for your business In a land very similar to yours, there is a business that is growing and finding hard to scale up on internal processes.  They have a strong web presence and maybe even an online store. Their sales staff were performing well and opening doors to new businesses but behind the scenes the paperwork was backing up and ownership of paperwork was becoming a hot topic.  The ruler of the land decided to look across the internet and found The CBF.  They had promises of taking away the paperwork headaches and being able to work with extracts from their software all order confirmations, communications about orders, invoices and debt chasing letters were taken away.  CBF produced batched automated mailings in order to save time and money. The (now automated) business found that by having all communications to customers automatically meant that the traceability of sales process and accounts handling became a simpler job which improved not only the mood and atmosphere of the business but improved throughput of business and profitability. They also realised that automating all business mailing and communications to the customers minimized errors internally as the workflow simply sends CBF the files, they get produced and sent out. The future was looking great for the business which was able to infinitely scale the business but also look at automating the storage and fulfilment of goods with CBF saving them warehousing and staffing costs. There seems to be a lot of businesses we meet with the same process headaches.  If you are looking to create stable mailing workflow and increase efficiency within your business process then we must talk.  We have all the tools, I.T knowledge and ideas to help make your streamlining controlled and efficient. Why not give us a call today or fill in one of our enquiry forms we would love to hear from you.]]>