How to centralise your printing with CBF

So you want to pull all your print procurement under one roof. Hopefully our roof. Do you have an existing print management provider or is this the first time you have looked at the situation?

Your motivation to look at CBF to manage your print is normally quiet simple. We understand that there are only 2 normal reasons we see new customers through our door No1 is to save money; on existing print management supply chains, internally or externally. No2 is to control the spiralling processes that are slowing you down and taking you away from your industry focus.

Let’s say we are talking about No1, we offer price match guarantees as we produce over 80% of our contracted goods in-house we are in control of our overheads and are able to hold prices for you giving you some stability. You may have multiple points of ordering either large staff force, multiple sites or franchisees, these can all be seamlessly managed and controlled using our online tools and strong account managers.

If you fall into the No2 category then don’t worry the options are endless we need to know what you need from us to make your print managed, scalable and the costs back in control. Are you aware of the economies of scale in print? This may help you budget correctly. Have you looked at online ordering solutions for your staff? There are lots of softwares on the market make sure you get one that is user friendly and capable of fulfilling the print management functions you need.

Both scenarios need to start with the basics, an understanding of what you are trying to achieve. Do you have a centralised list of what print items need to be managed? A central spreadsheet showing specs and order volumes over a set period will give you an overall prospective on how to manage your print now and progressively in the future.

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