Why CBF Fulfilment for Christmas?

Ultimately retailers must plan for the peak Christmas time.

You must have tactics in place to ensure that your goods go out as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

CBF Fulfilment knows that return investment and customer service is a key factor that decides what fulfilment company you store your goods with.

We are a fulfilment company that ensures that offers a personal, professional, flexible and cost effective service for all your direct mail requirements. We promise to dispatch your deliveries on time and when you need them.

Now, getting to the point. All of these key factors are what a company needs, especially during the Christmas period, to help things run as smoothly as possible. We expect to give you a team that you can efficiently work with as an extension of your business. Without being able to effectively communicate with your e-commerce business, what’s the point?In

In addition to all of this, your website can be linked to our fulfilment systems. This enables your customer can shop and pay online with orders being automatically sent to our warehouse management system. From there we take care of the process, picking and packing your stock.


Why do retailers choose us?

Retailers know that we are the source of knowledge for fulfilment and that we’re passionate about it too and you can’t beat that anywhere else. We can offer your free, yes FREE, IT software to help you maintain your stock and integrate it with online shopping carts easily. Being able to manage your stock is what you need, especially to keep your costs low so you can make a profitable return.

We want to work with your to refine your process and make you the most profitable return. Especially around the festive period. If your process is refined from the get go, the Christmas period should be a breeze for you.