Franchisors. Don't let your franchisees down. Help them with their marketing!

Franchisors. Don’t let your franchisees down.

Help them with their marketing!

We have been to a number of meetings recently, all have been franchisers looking to centralise their print and marketing activities with us but when asked the question about their support for the individual marketing for each franchise. They have all drawn a blank or not had a firm plan. Where would you start with the print and marketing plan for each area or sector your franchisees are trying to open doors to? Keep it simple as the phrase says. With so many ways to spend lots of money and promises of exposure to the masses don’t be fooled by marketers selling you advertising space, sponsorship or contra deals. Somehow they just don’t seem to cut it, unless you have done your research and you exact audience is looking directly at your space I wouldn’t bother. Save your money. Now I know we are printers and we are bound to be biased to paper based mediums but, over 80% of our new business comes from social media and pay per click campaigns (PPC). Ok, I admit this has been a journey to get to but the facts remain the right audience we are all trying to approach is online all the time. Compliment that with strong campaigns in community and lifestyle magazines and we have grown year on year without fail. I would recommend seeing a professional to run your PPC campaigns as you will learn the same lessons we did. Return on investment and conversion rates are maximised when someone that knows what they are doing understands the nuances of the backend processes. Think about how you can help your franchisees cross sell and upsell to your customers as repeat customers are easier to get back through the door. What incentives or additions can be offered with a simple leaflet, brochure or mailed thank you for that added personal touch. What about getting pooled or collaborative marketing budgets during the quiet times to keep brand exposure to a maximum and also help establish your franchisee as the knowledge for their subject in their area. My final franchise support thoughts lean towards the fundamental business process behind all franchisees. Most businesses fail as they are not aware of certain business processes like debt chasing, VAT, payroll or corporation tax planning. Why not help them with their back office processes for a fee this will eliminate their failings, earn you some more revenues and ensure you see how they are doing to help them further in the future. They will surely only thank you for the ‘support’ all franchisers should be duty bound to offer. Want more ideas on franchise support? Give us a call we have all the marketing support toolkit software still all for free and plenty of ideas/experience to help keep you attracting new franchisees and helping them to attract business which always helps you in the long run. Till next time…]]>