Estate Agent with multiple sites streamlines production

Case 5. Brief:
This Estate Agent needed support implementing new branding throughout their branches. Already using an online printing solution they were looking to streamline ordering processes and save on overheads throughout the company. Using internal printers and commercial solutions brand colours varied throughout organisation, CBF were asked to eliminate this problem and improve consistency overall.
  • Streamline Printing Processes
  • Printing budget implementation and management
  • Overall save cost of complete printing workflow
  • Improve turnaround times
  • Enhance colour management and maintain brand colour consistency

Solution: CBF staff dedicated account management team spent 2 weeks learning about ordering processes and industry sector giving known points of contact for all estate agent staff members and enhance customer support through company/industry knowledge. Implementing 24 hour turn around for all daily property details.

Printing CBF analysed how all printed materials were ordered with 75% of materials being printed on-demand, in-house and in small batches. Highlighting changes to ordering processes CBF found a 20% reduction in complete workflow and up to 48hr time savings on all on-demand elements.

Implementing a new online personalisation print management solution, CBF gave greater control on all stock items and complete transparency for all branches and sites ordering habits through custom created reports for management teams. Mailing Working with this estate agent’s databases to send out on-demand printed materials for specific buyers using their criteria to put potential properties through their letterbox. All items are unique, printed with the name and specific requirements of the buyer.

Once details are uploaded to CBF, all mail items are automated leaving the Sales staff to follow up and complete on property sales.


  • Branch manager level can manage budgets using on demand reporting functions
  • Automated mailing function saves time and money with pre-set agreed rates
  • 24 digital printing turnaround for all new properties enhancing customer service.