6 skills all Graphic designers need.

Being a Graphic Designer isn’t just creating a design to make things look pretty. There are techniques to the practice. Techniques that are essential to the craft.

The first skill is Typography. It is vital in creating a tone for a piece of artwork. It conveys the style, a message and is often the baseline for logos and branding. Learning to master this is most important. Having the fundamentals of this skill under your belt means you will be on your way to success in no time.

Another key principle to Graphic Design is the ability to use Dream Weaver. Being able to create a fully functioning web layout from nothing and being able to add your own text, graphics and CSS rule is a sure way to triumph as a Graphic Designer.

Indesign is another software piece you need to have the ability to master. If you are practised in this fine piece of software you will be able to work with different layouts, shapes, colour and graphics, which is crucial to creating any piece of work. Especially for publishing.

Illustrator, a piece of software that all digital artist’s need within their tools. With Illustrator you have the ability as a designer to create your own pieces of artwork and manage them yourself.  It also allows you as a designer to understand the difference between vector artwork and raster images. Having an adept skill set with this is everything.

If you’re a designer on a budget, knowing how to work with Affinity Designer is a skill set you need have. It is an excellent alternative to Adobe. Learn how to use it to design and manipulate logos, icons and graphic illustrations and you’ll be set for your entire career.

Finally, any Graphic Designer needs Photoshop in their life. This is especially important to manipulate imagery and create animation. Without this, you’ll find yourself lost. Being able to alter images and enhance them is key.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss any that you feel are important? If so let us know.