Community Magazine producer gains print partner

Case 3. Brief:
Dealing with the Parent/school market this magazine provider has multiple franchisees all using the magazine structure and branding. The publisher approached CBF initially to improve brand consistency and improve cost efficiency on printing and distribution nationwide; they have been able to help gain further franchisees for greater market penetration.
  • Lower printing costs
  • Bulk buying benefits
  • Improved workflow communication

Solution: Giving dedicated account management CBF are able to adhere to strict turnaround times. We work with all franchisees to help produce their artwork and recommend production techniques to help our and their workflow.

Buy grouping the magazines together we have been able to print the magazines simultaneously giving the publisher a cost saving.

All publications follow the same format for brand consistency.

CBF give dedicated FTP access for all franchisees to upload their artwork. This saves valuable time when production and distribution is so regimented.

Finishing & Distribution: Each publication is collated and bundled in elastic bands, boxed in specific numbers for ease of further distribution.

Each franchisee works from home and all boxes are delivered with specific instructions based on individual’s requirements.


  • Set structured print turnaround times, so all magazines are released in all areas together
  • Cost transparency for all items including delivery
  • Cost saving for bulk buying
  • Dedicated secure FTP access for easy file transfer for all franchisees