CBF achieve 35% cost savings with property giant.

CBF achieve 35% cost savings with property giant. Following a tendering process CBF won the contract to provide printing solutions to this FTSE 350 company supporting over 140 independent sites nationwide, satellite offices overseas and a strong marketing team. Brief:

  • To cut costs throughout the full printing workflow.
  • Provide a cost effective way to hold stock and distribute.
  • Improve brand colour consistency.
  • Producing mail for online procurement software efficiently
  • Improving quality of end product
Solution: Total analysis of printed activity over 12 month billing period highlighting where changes can be implemented to achieve brief. Printing procurement Using our online ordering solution managing stock control, full personalisation and reporting CBF have managed to increase and maintain colour consistency throughout the total brand. Keeping total control of all printed stock enables CBF to distribute centrally and support all marketing campaigns. The client now has an infinitely scalable ordering solution with only the need for one internal contact working with us to manage and roll out daily materials. Mailing solutions Providing Web to Print solutions that integrate with a custom built online bookings system that produces documents for all Direct Debit Mandates, Printed cheques and Debt Collection. The software produces mail on a daily basis totalling a million impressions per month in busy periods, all sent automatically to our machinery, printed overnight for distribution into Royal Mail’s system. Working with the in-house and external IT teams CBF have highlighted how to improve quality of the printed documents and maintain consistency throughout the brand.

Processes and workflows are consistently being analysed and updated to keep up with technology and to improve speed of workflow along with cost savings.


  • Print cost savings on total catalogue totalling over 35%
  • Greater control throughout workflow
  • On demand real time reporting
  • Infinitely scalable solution for aggressive growth plans
  • Simplified printing catalogues with restrictions for specific users