Branded Print Management Portals

Branded Print Management Portals All our print management portals incorporate the ability to add your branding stamp to them.  Our print portals are flexible! Giving you access to a site wide personalised header, left panel images that can be unique to the area of the site the user is in, helping promote your products and services or it could be used as a guide area to help all users find the products you want them to. We even have areas able to be used for pointing at specific product for special promotions, to point your users at the support areas or even to email someone specific about a product. Printing-Portal-Screenshot           We are all about making your users comfortable and confident about the site they are signed into. We also tailor the wording on the site to reflect your terminologies to make sure that all items can be found quickly, easily and your users know what items are what. Our Print Management Portals (OPC) are simple in structure.  All items are kept in a categories/sub-category structure which can each be manipulated so that you can allow each user or group of users to see the items you want them to. Remember all our print management portals have:

    • Unlimited User Accounts
    • Unlimited Item listings
    • Online Artwork Personalisation
    • Management Approval Processes
    • Stock Management Controls
    • Admin User / Item Management Functions
    • Live Print Order Reporting and Tracking for all users
All our portals are unlimited in numbers of items and users unlike some print management companies that want to charge you for everything, we want to give you the tools to help automate your print management and make it as streamlined as possible.  They are all directly connected to our workflow, so the moment an order is placed and approved the job is working and moving forward. Want to know more or see have a demo of our print management software?  Either fill in the enquiry form here or why not call us today to see how we can help automate your print and fulfilment we would love to hear from you.    ]]>