Automating your printing processes

Automating your printing processes – Where do you start? If you are manually procuring your print at present then the dream of automating artwork creation and proof approval is but a distant seemly distant dream. At CBF we are used to working with brands and companies that have multiple sites, large field based staff bases, resellers and franchisers that are looking to streamline their print ordering process. Using our online tools and secure network infrastructure we are able give all print ordering, stock controls and fulfilment purchases an approval process and a proofing structure to maintain all standards set by head office or management team. Each user can see the materials you want them to, with full control over the item customisations you want them to control. Want full automation on reports for our print ordering, done. Our systems can produce spending reports to make sure you have all the right data to cross reference. These tools are great for managing daily working print roll outs, stationery and marketing materials but what about the secure data automation? By the nature of secure data we see jobs for one off data pushes automated to our servers ready for all direct mail print campaigns. We can work with your data extracts to make the print process as automated as possible. Either by your internal processes sending data over VPN, FTP or XML we can make sure all data can be used for automating print processes between us for user data on our online tools or to make sure your print is created with the least room for error. It’s worth thinking about the automation of stock materials. Have you looked into the collective buying power for storing, calling off and distributing to the site users. The stock materials can be automated so for more stable items like letterheads or working process forms the purchaser will never be left waiting for long. How do you start thinking about automating your print processes and what information would we require to get the ball rolling? 1. How many sites or users would you need to manage using our online ordering tools? 2. Are the online tools for internal staff or external company representatives? 3. How many items would you like accessed and by whom? 4. Approval process for all print items. 5. Item stocks vs print on demand items. What is most cost effective for your items? 6. Is your print ordering trend orientated or seasonal? 7. How much time is it taking you to procure your print, storage. What’s the cost? 8. Does the secure data you are transferring to orders have the ability to be batched or sent on demand? Can it be exported automatically? We can help analyse and implement all sizes of project print, ecommerce, or fulfilment orientated. Let’s automate together to keep you focused on growing your business. Want to know more? Automating you print, doesn’t have to be complicated. Why not give us a call today or fill in one of our enquiry forms.]]>