Automated Direct Mailing Solutions

Automating Mailing solutions for your business. Made easy by CBF. Being the choice to print, enclose and mail thousands of pieces every day comes with its own responsibility.  We take our data security very seriously, our print quality is second to none and our processing speed is up there with some of the biggest in the country but without the price tag. How do you want to automate your mailing?

  • One off mail merge, enclose and submit to Royal Mail
  • Secure Data transfer from your database
  • Daily mailings from your sales team to help sales funnels
  • Automated data management from your website to fulfil orders
  • Managed working letters, statements, invoices and cheques
  • Personalise magazines, brochures, guides for subscriber mailings
Anything is possible.  We can print, store, enclose and mail on demand so your business has a proactive approach to its mailing requirements. With a strong I.T team we can help you extract your data, merge it into the documents you would like to mail and make sure all items hit the post when they are supposed to. We can enclose all envelopes, magazines, brochures, training materials, instruction guides both using our automated enclosing lines or we can hand enclose those jobs that need a little more care and attention. Need to know more about our automated mailing solutions?  Why not get in touch today.  Either fill out one of our enquiry forms or drop us a call.  We would love to hear from you.]]>