Affiliate Print Management

Affiliate Print Management Managing your affiliate base can be tricky enough, so why should your print management processes be complicated if they don’t have to be? Our print management tools give you the control over unlimited user bases, unlimited items and what you should be interested in is the power to manage pricing tiers giving your affiliates more discounts if you want to reward them for their hard work on your behalf. How many affiliate print management solutions give you:

  • Online Print management ordering tools
  • Uniquely branded print portals
  • Stock control tools for order fulfilment
  • Dynamic, on the fly design tools
  • Unlimited users / sites
  • Unlimited items
  • Set pricing tiers unique to individual users
  • Set approval stages for item checking
  • Promo codes with % discounts and timeline restrictions
  • 12 month agreed pricing structures
  • Access to over 450 print,  promotional and points of sale suppliers
Scale and support is everything when managing your affiliate’s print requirements. With our solutions you can trust in our printing, storage and fulfilment processes. Flexibility is the key to our success and your affiliates are different to the rest. So, let’s create a print management plan together. The print management tools give your affiliates access to all print materials that you want them to including business stationary, Points of sale, marketing materials, promotional goods and even your goods/items as we can store them for calling off on our systems if you need. We have seen them all including web affiliates and physical referral based affiliates.  Your print management program should be supporting your affiliates with all the print tools they need to promote your goods and services.  Automated ordering and making the print workflow as easy as possible for them to order and personalise print materials no matter where of what time of day. How do you want your affiliates to pay for their print?  We are flexible but two main models stand out. Either you are looking to pick up the print management bill and run all orders on account which we can manage with ease giving each user access to different items and products if required or we can charge the person ordering on completion of process.  There are merits for both and if required we can help support with promo code setup’s and keywords to give discounts on products or total bills to promote usage of the tools. Want to know more or how to get started with CBF?  Either pick up the phone and say hi, we would love to hear from you or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will come back to you.  ]]>